Originally from Coldwater, Ohio, Jason Lee Bruns’ (b.1979) passion for drumming took him from delivering newspapers for private lesson money, to Miami University on a music scholarship, to USC’s Jazz Studies program. Today, Bruns travels the globe in search of new rhythms and draws on these musical experiences to lead Los Angeles-based cross-

over jazz group, The Bruns Collective. He’s produced nine albums – including two that charted in the top-10 and holds a B.M. degree in Classical Percussion and M.M. degrees in Jazz Studies and Music Production. Notable projects include Beck’s Sound & Vision, Game of Thrones, Louis Price, and Liane Carroll.

2 Top-10 Charts

9 Produced Albums

2 Japan Tours

7 Regions Studied

Grammy Voter

2 Master's in Music

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News & Highlights

  • Keynote Speaker

    Music industry presenter.

  • Radio Play

    One Year on KKJZ.

  • Game of Thrones

    Congas on Game of Thrones.

  • Beck Recording

    Bruns records for Beck.

  • Alumni Profile

    Miami University Feature.

  • Published Author

    Percussion Notes Article.

  • Radio Charts

    #8 amongst top labels.

  • Drum Clinics

    College student masterclass.

  • Japan Tours

    Bruns & Baché in Japan.

  • Festival Performer

    Featured artist.

  • Album Reviews

    Cherry Ave. & LIVE

  • Commissioned Work

    Pacific Design Center

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